3D printed eyewear

“Eye-catching style meets cutting-edge technology with our 3D printed spectacles – see the world in a whole new dimension.”

Creating a pair of eyeglasses is an exact science and beautiful art that requires careful consideration of many factors.

It is more than just functionality; it involves giving the user the ability to see and guarantee the product works as intended. It is about giving confidence and providing useful extras! It also gives the wearer a look that they intend to portray with their personality.

Put together, these factors demand an individual production of each pair of glasses. This is because each person has their own distinct facial and visual characteristics and preferences.

Most of the eyewear options from mass brands sadly lack the level of impeccability and customization we expect.

What is 3D Printing?

Theoretically speaking, 3D Printing is a technology that involves crafting three-dimensional solid objects from a digital file. You build the object layer by layer by adding material until the entire object is complete.

This technique allows for the creation of the item’s cross-section in a thinly sliced manner. With each layer contributing to the final structure of the object.

It gives you the ability to craft complex objects using way less material than by using traditional methods. Practically speaking, 3D Printing can print anything solid that you can dream of and put in a digital format.

3D printing is a game-changer

The level of exclusivity in 3D-printed eyewear is extraordinary. The process of selecting eyewear has been relatively constant for centuries. You go through hundreds of options in the hopes of finding the perfect pair of glasses for your face, personal style, and level of comfort.

Spending time, effort, and resources on a search with no assurance of success is a frustrating and fruitless endeavor.

Monvue uses an entirely different approach to the procedure. Instead of offering a plethora of pre-made frames, Monvue custom-makes a pair of eyewear. They make it according to your face shape, measurements, and desired aesthetic.

Monvue utilizes industrial 3D printing machines for creating exquisite eye frames. Thoughtful consideration comes into every aspect, from the assembly line to customer support.

Eyewear Tailored for Eyes and Face

The ability to print glasses on a 3D printer is a godsend right now. The client can plan ahead and give the designer the information necessary to create glasses. These glasses are a perfect fit for the client’s unique anatomy.

We are familiar with the confusion and frustration of choosing the perfect eyewear that suits our faces. What if we told you that there is a piece specifically for you? Yes, this is something that is possible up to perfection with 3D printing technology.

Monvue makes it so you don’t have to go through the hassle of searching through hundreds of frames to find a pair that suits you perfectly.


The process of crafting eyewear

The process starts with recording your facial topography. It uses thousands of data points to help you find the ideal pair of glasses in a matter of seconds.

It spans the facial topography through the latest laser infrared technology. This gives it extreme precision and durability.

The data calculates various factors such as your face width and height, pupillary distance, nose height, and width. And more subtle features like the tilt of your eyes and face, nasal bridge, and brows!

Monvue makes eyeglasses specifically for you down to the smallest detail, from the color of the frames to the characteristics of the lenses.

Along with standard and advanced eye testing, data from facial topography, and personal preferences, Monvue creates advanced, functional, and sustainable art in the form of eyewear.

Monvue has been able to craft astounding glassware by using our very own custom-built algorithms. Customers can have their frames dynamically adapted to the topography of their faces. They can do this without sacrificing the integrity of the original design.


Environmentally Friendly Glasses

Monvue uses 3D printing using selective laser sintering, which results in virtually no waste.  It also helps to create frames that are much lighter and have a wonderfully smooth finish. In contrast to mass-produced frames, which result in vast amounts of plastic waste.

This not only helps the environment because even if there is some waste, Monvue’s machines can also recycle and reuse it. But it also contributes to the already affordable prices of Monvue frames.

This means there will be less waste. It provides its users with the required level of durability as well as the convenience that they require. Thereby catering to the unique tastes of each individual user. And let’s be honest, It helps when the frames are gorgeous and aesthetically pleasing.


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